Accessing Data on Rightmove Property Listing

Now that you've added PaTMa's Browser Extension Tool, you can minimise any opportunity costs and time losses, keeping all your new prospects in one place to keep track of any changes. If you haven't started, it's not to late! Get started now.

PaTMa's Browser Extension is built-in with multiple features such as the price history of the product, it allows you to enable email alerts signalling any changes, instant calculations on instant ROI and yield, and quick local comparisons.

Getting Started

  • Once the Browser Extension is installed, start browsing Rightmove.

While viewing an individual property page, you will see a table generated by PaTMa on the right side of the picture. This table will be outlining the price history, estimated ROI, Yield and Rent along with any comparables as seen below.


Rightmove Price History

The first feature that you'll notice on this table is the price history. The price records of the properties are often crowdsourced and shared with PaTMa's users, so you'll often find that the history already exists when viewing your first listing. Any access to pricing history is readily available immediately, without even creating an account. Simply install the browser extension and start enjoying extra data to help with your property investment decisions.

Note: To view more detailed information such as setting up change alerts, local comparisons and instant yield estimates, may wish to register for a free account.

Email Alerts

Compile a list of interesting properties you want to keep track of by curating a property prospector list and receive email alerts when the asking price changes or the property is taken off the market. This feature is particularly great for quickly comparing the yield and ROI almost instantly.

  • Find out how to watch for property changes here.


PaTMa's browser extension information panel includes an instant estimate of the ROI and yield for the property as a buy-to-let investment. The calculation is based on the median rent for similar properties in the surrounding area.

Note: The ROI estimate shown within the Property Tools Browser Extension uses the asking price as the purchase price and uses a median of local comparable rental property rates as the rent. The deposit is calculated as the minimum possible with 75% LTV or less and to meet a rental cover test of 150% at 5.5%. These exact restrictions may change over time as market conditions change and the resulting mortgage interest costs are obviously allowed for in the ROI calculation along with 15% of rent for maintenance and voids.

Comparison Properties

Where the data is available, the Property Tools Browser Extension shows a quick summary of comparable properties. As an property investor, offers an overview on the current property's comparisons to others in the area, giving you the option of identifying better opportunities or any potential losses ahead of time. These comparables are distinguished in three sections; For Sale, Rent and Sold.

Have a deeper look into how these comparisons are calculated here