How to create a property schedule

How to create a property schedule for a mortgage application

If you already own property most mortgage applications, or even mortgage enquiries via a mortgage broker, will require a portfolio schedule.

With your property portfolio recorded in PaTMa, you can download a complete portfolio schedule with just a few clicks:

  • From your property list
  • Click "Portfolio metrics"
  • Near the top right, click "Download portfolio"
  • Click "Mortgage application spreadsheet" from the drop-down menu

You'll be prompted to open or save the generated property portfolio spreadsheet.

If your properties are missing any details required in the spreadsheet, you'll see a screen prompting you to complete the required details, these can include:

  • Mortgage amount
  • Mortgage payment
  • Tenancy
  • Property type
  • Current value

What is a property portfolio schedule?

A property portfolio schedule, normally required as a spreadsheet, is a list of all existing properties in your portfolio along with information relevant for a mortgage application. This includes:

  • Property address
  • Purchase date
  • Purchase price
  • Property type
  • Current mortgage (amount and payments)
  • Current tenancies and rent