Planning Prospector Tool

Planning applications can impact your investment in a new property either positively or negatively. Without clear knowledge of any planning applications that have the potential to overshadow your ability to rent or the property's resale value, a major loss in finance or opportunity can arise. However, the whole process can prove to be too time consuming and tedious when done manually.

PaTMa’s Planning Prospector includes an interactive planning permission explorer tool which finds and presents information on local authority planning applications automatically. So you can instantly see what’s being planned in the area with no need to spend hours hunting this important information down.

Note: You don’t have to have a particular property purchase in mind to use planning permission explorer. Just tap in the postcode of your preferred investment area and get a list of all planning applications in that area and sort it to suit your criteria.

Key Features

Once you add a property as a prospect the planning permission explorer will automatically:

  • search for and show all planning applications near each prospect with date and address in a clear list. You can easily filter by distance, date and status.

  • show whether an application is awaiting a decision, has been granted or refused.

  • provide clear summary details of the application, with links you can quickly click through to the relevant local authority site if you need more comprehensive information.

  • enable you to save a search. Then PaTMa will keep monitoring local applications for you and send you an email alert when new planning applications are made in your target area.

Get Started

  • In the header, navigate to Prospects.

You will be redirected to a page containing all your prospective properties.

  • Scroll to locate Prospects & Calculations and select the property you wish to analyse.

  • In the prospect's report, scroll to the Planning Application section to view all important data.

  • Request more data by selecting Explore More Planning Applications directly under the applications list.

  • When redirected, enable alerts on new applications by selecting Monitor for New Planning Applications displayed on the top right corner of the applications list.