How To Create A New Tenancy Agreement

PaTMa's tenancy management tool allows you to keep track of any payments and additional details relating to the agreements made with a specific tenant. Available with all Property Manager Packages at no extra cost, this tool allows you to record the unit, starting date, deposit/deposit scheme and rental periods.

Getting Started

  • Navigate to Properties.

Note: This is located in the header of the website, as shown below.

A list of your properties will be displayed on the screen.

  • Click on the Property Name you wish to add a tenancy to.

Note: With the free version of PaTMa, only supported the management of one property at a time. To add more than one property to your account. Upgrade to a Premium Account.

You will be redirected to a page displaying the property's information.

  • In the third left column, click Add Tenancy.

A form will be presented which you will need to fill in with the tenancy agreement details.

Filling In The Form


If the property is a House of Multiple Occupation, an option to record the tenant's occupational unit will be displayed as the first field. - In the drop-down menu, select the relevant Unit.

Note: This option is only presented for properties that have been created and addressed as HMOs. If you wish to add or name units to the property, you will find this option in the property's information overview.

Start Date

In this field, enter the date relating to the commencement of the tenancy's agreement using the calendar provided.

End Date

To record the intended end date of the agreement, this field can only be completed after the tenancy has been created.

Please Note: In this case, after you've clicked Save, return to the Edit Section, and add the End Date accordingly.

Note: If there are additional details that you wish to record that are not specified in the fields, add general tenancy notes in the Notes field. To record additional information relating to the deposit, ie. where it is being held and its reference number, and you can address this under the Deposit Notes.


This relates to the deposit that must be paid by the tenant.

Deposit Scheme

Rent Period

This field records the renting period and how often rent is received on the property. This will enable the frequency of alerts for any overdue rent payments. - In the drop-down menu, select the time Period most relevant to the tenancy agreement (Monthly, Weekly or Every 4 Weeks).

Note: This feature is only available the first time you account for a tenancy. You can toggle the send rent reminders in the general Edit section.

  • Once completed, click Save.
  • To review the edits made, click View in the Active Tenancies.

    Note: If you wish to add an end date to the agreement, you can add it now.

As you start creating a new tenancy agreement, follow out step-by-step Tenancy Checklist to make sure your agreements are abiding with the law and makingit that much easier for your new tenants to follow the process.