PaTMa Property Prospector Changelog

Sometimes updates are released multiple times a day. At other times we might be a few weeks working on a major feature. This changelog provides a summary of changes released prior to each date listed.


  • More Property API endpoints.
  • Remove the separate free re-mortgage calculator, in favour of the re-mortgage setting on the free BTL profit calculator.
  • Improve date display on planning application results.


  • Fix bug displaying zero-priced properties!
  • Improve school/education data.
  • Better NI address recognition.
  • Fix country detection for stamp duty calculation in enhanced property search.
  • UI update: clearer "customise" option for prospect expenses.
  • UI update: simplified dashboard to just select between products - bookmark either Prospector or Manager homepage to skip the dashboard.
  • UI update: improved profile menu ordering.


  • Show distance, property size and EPC rating with sold price data.
  • Data import, collection and availability improvements.
  • Added initial Property API documentation.
  • Support percentage based mortgage fees in the free calculator and Prospector.


  • Lots of improvements to browser extension data capture and processing.
  • UI update: change "CRM" to "Journal" within prospects.
  • Soft launch the initial PaTMa Property API endpoints.
  • Improve support for Northern Ireland property listings.
  • UI update: improved menu layout.


  • Preparation work for improved browser extension features.
  • UI improvement (loading indicator) on comparables pages.


  • Update subscription payment integration (Stripe), ready to support Direct Debits.
  • Add ability to adjust comparable lists within a property.
  • New comparable search directly from "Location", without needing a property listing or prospect.
  • New comparable data graphs.
  • Fix: improve browser extension property address display.
  • Show the full property address (if we know it) on property details pages and in listing monitor emails (and CSVs).


  • UI update: improve distinction between Property Manager and Property Prospector on the subscription page.
  • Show the full property address (if we know it) in the browser extension panel.


  • Better UI - updated browser extension information panel.
  • Show minimum investment amount in browser extension.


  • Updates to data imports due to changes in some open data formats.
  • Expose automated monitors on the main email control page for easier access.


  • Improve introduction and onboarding emails.
  • Updated Scottish land tax second home rate.
  • Don't show old planning applications in monitor emails.
  • Improve the permission denied error message for users with access to multiple accounts.
  • Support two regions per account for weekly market report emails.
  • Improve product information on the subscription page.


  • Fix links in the plain text version of some emails.
  • Improve error when opening a list change URL in a new tab (which isn't supported).


  • Large UI code refactor (you should not see any changes!).
  • Updated all graphs for improved visuals and options.


  • Better page titles for improved labels in browser tabs.
  • Improve badges on properties in the daily monitor emails.
  • Welsh stamp duty rate updates.
  • Weekly property market report email improvements:
    • Add fallen-through properties graph.
    • Add 2-year graphs (more context than 6 months) for key metrics.
    • Add flats vs houses pricing graph.
  • Improve prospect sorting options.
  • Fix login issues for users with mixed case email addresses.


  • Mini-budget stamp duty update.


  • Global search now includes data search and multi-step action selection.
  • Easier population of bathroom count in prospects.
  • Enable marking a prospect as being purchased (by you).
  • Improve tab navigation and use of browser back/forward buttons.
  • Include estimated rent on comparable displays.
  • Improve comparable estimate yield display.
  • Improve global search navigation.
  • Improve visibility of prospect status.
  • Fix missing save button on preferences page (oops!).
  • Lots of UI consistency fixes.


  • Global search for quick access to common commands and pages.
  • Improve return points following many edit pages - page and scroll point.
  • UI improvement - "Save" buttons in header when editing.
  • Improved email control options.
  • Fall-back to regional rental comparables if needed.
  • Improve prospect CRM actions UI.
  • Improve layout/display of property comparables.
  • Support recording solicitor and mortgage broker contacts in the prospect CRM.
  • Improve profile menu.


  • Improve available transport links.
  • Fixes for data display in Prospector mobile app.
  • Improve prospect entry with only one investment scenario.
  • Data improvements in the weekly property market emails.
  • Fix bug in PDF generation with no local schools.
  • Support address entry for prospects, with exact locations from open UPRN data.


  • Add box plots to show ranges for rent, sold and for-sale prices on Prospect pages.
  • Fix (remove) duplicate properties from listing monitor CSVs.
  • Advanced multi-user permissions management.
  • Fix Prospect tag creation bug.


  • Extension of UI re-work - migrate long pages to tabbed pages.
  • Extensions for property listing monitor CSVs.
  • More graphs and data in the weekly market update emails.


  • Huge UI re-work - migrate long pages to tabbed pages.
  • Much improved mobile accessibility.
  • New start / on-boarding / home / dashboard page to help you get started.


  • Weekly property market update emails go public (from private beta).
  • Extend census based data - housing.
  • Improve geographic awareness of licensing and article 4 areas (polygon support).
  • Add sales and rental listing comparables display (limited access).
  • Local geographic data available by simple postcode search.
  • Improve information shown in property listing monitor emails.
  • Server cluster upgrades! Faster site.
  • Fix bug in property listing titles with new lines.


  • Allow the browser extension information panel to be toggled - to improve access to other page elements on smaller screens.
  • Improved data displays in the browser extension panel.
  • Improve video tour and virtual tour data presentation.
  • Improve the listing search UI - better status feedback.
  • Increase the search radius supported for property listings.


  • Improve filter options on listing search.
  • SDLT and LTT rate updates (stamp duty holidays).
  • Display extra geographic healthcare data.
  • Improve Prospect PDF report content.
  • Support property listing monitors.
  • Improve geographic transport data.
  • Improve UI for Prospect PDF report attachments/images.
  • Extend census based data - health, qualification, relationships, industry, social grades and economic activity.
  • Fix bug in BRRR Prospect PDF reports.
  • CSV support for property listing monitors - for external system integrations.


  • Update Prospect PDF report styling.
  • Add separate storage, and display, of Prospect financial notes.
  • Provide an iCal URL to enable Prospect CRM events to be imported to other calendars.
  • Support Youtube thumbnail import for Prospect PDF reports.
  • Weekly market stats email beta.


  • Improved Prospect filtering/search.
  • Improve Property listing search display.
  • Fix bugs in investment scenario edit pages.
  • Better data display on Prospects.
  • Improve planning applications display.
  • Update Scottish LBTT calculations (end of stamp duty holiday).


  • Improved video tour and virtual tour data.
  • Support Rent-to-Rent (R2R) investment scenarios.
  • Support Buy-Refurbish-Refinance-Rent (BRRR) investment scenarios.
  • Updated Welsh LTT calculations.
  • Migrate to privacy protecting site stats - removing Google Analytics.
  • Improve the yield explorer map.
  • Auto-complete postcodes on listings search.


  • Yield explorer with heat map to locate the best rental yields.
  • Search property listings for rent or yield.
  • Integrate re-mortgage calculator into the main BTL profit calculator.
  • Fixes to editing buy-to-sell scenarios.
  • Improved video tour and virtual tour data.
  • New and improved site layout and menu navigation.


  • Improve sold properties display.
  • Updated Prospects navigation menu.
  • Add price paid records to mobile app.
  • Support email notifications for new price paid records.
  • Support property searching from partial postcodes.
  • Better information and buttons in the browser extension panel.
  • Much better video tour and virtual tour data.


  • Provide information about Rent Smart Wales.
  • Show Prospects on a map.


  • Improvements to video tour and virtual tour data.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Fix bug allowing a missing mortgage rate for BTL investment scenarios.
  • Improve browser extension customisation options.


  • Improve performance in data processing.
  • Availability of video tours and virtual tours data.
  • Improve image handling in Prospect PDF reports.
  • Improve Prospect CRM viewings display.
  • Private API access beta.
  • More fine-grained email subscription controls.
  • Private beta of mobile app.
  • Date sorting support on Prospects list.
  • More flexible tag filtering on Prospects list.
  • BTL calculator PDF support in mobile app.
  • Update LTT and LBTT rates for stamp duty holiday.


  • Improve council licensing data display.


  • New population statistics available per LSOA.
  • Improved crime statistics visualisations.
  • Update calculations following the stamp duty holiday changes.


  • Streamline recording of viewings, offers and reminders at the same time as recording a conversation.


  • Property price-paid search tool beta access.
  • Property listings search general release.


  • Performance improvements on the property listings search beta.
  • Planning application explorer and monitor beta access.
  • Improved crime data visualisations.
  • Improved property purchase price visualisations.


  • District (Council) and Ward information exposed for Prospects.
  • Improved search options (re-listed) for the property listings beta.
  • Improvements to data source imports for schools, wards and postcodes.

Not specific to Property Prospector but this week also included a major database upgrade (which unfortunately took longer than expected).


  • Fix for Flip investment scenario creation.
  • Property listing search beta access.
  • Fix failure to calculate finance forecasts for specific mortgage inputs.


  • Add support for, and


  • Prospects CRM features - record contacts, viewings, offers and follow-up reminders.
  • Prospect CRM calendar view.