How To Create An Inventory

Once you have set up your PaTMa account, you can start to manage your property and inventory using our built-in inventory tool that's included in all Property Manager Packages at no extra cost. Using this tool, you can record your inventory assigning each item to a unit/room, along with its condition.

Get Started

Now that you've created your first property and recorded tenancy agreements, it's time to get started on accounting for your property's inventory.

  • Once logged into your Patma account, navigate to Properties.

This is located in the header, as shown in the image below.

A list of your properties will be displayed on the screen.

  • Click on the Property Name you wish to add an inventory to.

Note: With the free version of PaTMa, you are only eligible manage one property at a time. To add more than one property to your account. Upgrade to a Premium Account.

You will be redirected to a page displaying the property's information.

  • In the third left column, click View Tenancy.

On the page, details of the tenancy agreement and a New Tenancy Checklist will be presented.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the second last column titled Inventory and click Create Inventory.

The Setting Up Process

The first time you create an inventory, you’ll be requested to account for the utilities and rooms that will be associated with the property in future logins. However, first, you must add the date the inventory was issued.

  • To edit the Inventory, fill in the date it was issued in the provided field and click Save.

Note: To review or change the issued date, navigate to Properties > Property Name > View Tenancy Click the Edit button located in the upper right of the Inventory display page.

Adding Utilities

Most Buy-to-Let inventories will need to include the hand-over of utility supplies; generally gas, electricity and water. You can easily enter these at the top of the inventory. Including whom the current supplier is and the meter reading.

Next, add the relevant utilities associated with the property.

  • On the third column, click Add Utility

  • In the entry form, click the Supply drop down menu and select the relevant Utility.

    There are six options to pick from: - Oil - Gas - Electricity (Day/Night) - Water - Solar

  • Once selected, enter your current Supplier Name (eg. SSE/British Gas).

  • Next, insert the property's utility Meter Readings accordingly.

  • When it is completed, click Save.

You will be redirected to the Inventory display page now updated with the edits. On this page, you can add more utilities or add rooms.

Adding Rooms

You can use the inventory builder to documents a property/unit's rooms each with a label and a detailed description. The inventory builder interface allows you to easily collapse/hide rooms for easier viewing of each department.

  • On the third column, click Add Rooms

  • In the entry form, add the room's name under Label (eg. Bathroom 1)

  • Once named, add a brief description of the room (eg. Upstairs, front right).

  • To record any more information, add Comments on the property's room.

Note: Within each entry,you'll need to record the current situation. Most rooms will need the basics covering (ie. walls, ceiling and floor). There might also be other characteristics that you'd like to list. Windows, curtains, doors or furniture would be common items to also include in your room inventory.

  • When it is completed, click Save.

Adding Inventory Items

The PaTMa inventory builder allows you to create as many items within each room as you wish, specifying the label, description, condition and any additional details you might want to include.

Note: This option is only available after you've added a room. When this step has been completed, the Rooms section will be presented with an option to Add Item into each room as shown below.

  • Under the Rooms section, click Add Item.

  • In the entry form, title the item under Label (eg. Bathroom Vanity).

  • Once named, add a brief description of the item. (eg. Secondhand, St. Vincent's).

  • To record any more information on fixtures and fittings relating to the item, add details under Condition Details.

  • When it is completed, click Save.

When you've finished adding rooms, utilities and items, the Inventory Management page will looks something like this.

Downloading Your Inventory (PDF)

With all of your property details carefully described in your inventory, you'll need to present a copy to your tenants.

PaTMa inventory builder will generate you a well-formatted PDF document that's ready to download at any time. The generated inventory document can then be presented to your tenants electronically or printed.

If you subscribe to a suitable PaTMa Property Manager Package you can also send the generated inventory directly to your tenants for online signing.