How To Record A Property Valuation

With PaTMa's Property Manager, you can store as many valuations as you like against each property. It's easy to make changes or to enter in your property's history for an accurate overview of how your investment value is transforming.

PaTMa also offers visual representations of this data, showcasing the overall performance of your property and portfolio. This feature is perfect for spotting trends and offering a clear perspective of your future.

Getting Started

  • In the header, navigate to Properties.

You will be directed to a page listing your current properties.

Note: With the free version of PaTMa, you can only manage one property at a time. To add more than one property to your account. Upgrade to a Premium Account.

  • Click the Property Name you wish to add a task to.
  • On the property display page, scroll to locate the Valuation column .
  • Click Add Valuation

Filling In The Form

  • Using the dropdown menu, enter the Date of Valuation. This is the day the valuation of the property took place.

  • In the field titled Valuer, enter the person valuing the property.

  • Underneath, in the field subtitled Value, enter the numerical Value set for the property.

Note: If this is not an accurate estimate of the property's value, click Approximate

  • Once completed, click Save