How To Store Meter Readings

Now you've recorded your first utility supply, you can start to manage your property's utility meter readings and inventory using our built-in inventory tool that's included in all Property Manager packages at no extra cost.

Getting Started

  • In the header, navigate to Properties.

You will be directed to a page listing your current properties.

Note: With the free version of PaTMa, you can only manage one property at a time. To add more than one property to your account. Upgrade to a Premium Account.

  • Click the Property Name you wish to add a task to.

  • On the property display page, scroll to locate the Utilities column.

You will find your recorded utilities listed below as follows.

Note: If your utility was recorded as not metered a short note will be displayed under the meter reading column as shown in the above image.

Recording Meter Readings

After you have navigated to Utilities section of your property's display page, adding the meter reading is fairly step forward.

  • In the row of the Utility you wish to record a meter reading to, click the + icon underneath the Meter Reading column.

You will be redirected to a page with the heading Add Utility Meter Reading for Property (Property Name). A form will be presented directly underneath.

Filling In The Form

Date Taken

In this field, enter the date in which this Meter Reading was taken using the pop-up calendar


Enter the numbers displayed in the meter reading.


Keep all important information relating to this meter reading in the records by filling this field with all relating information.


Take a photo of the meter reading along with a receipt showing the date as eligible proof.

  • Once completed, click Save.

Each month, you can submit a new meter reading without having to override the previous dates. This way you can have all proofs of meter readings safe and on-hand for whenever you may need them.