PaTMa Property Manager Changelog

Sometimes updates are released multiple times a day. At other times we might be a few weeks working on a major feature. This changelog provides a summary of changes released prior to each date listed.


  • Fix multi-landlord e-signatures.
  • Improve "alerts" visibility on the main property list (since it's no longer available on the dashboard).
  • Update tenant message emails to clarify how to reply.
  • More consistent page load times for the main property list.
  • Page load speed improvements - property list and others.


  • Fix bug for some certificate file downloads.
  • UI update: simplified dashboard to just select between products - bookmark either Prospector or Manager homepage to skip the dashboard.
  • UI update: improved profile menu ordering.


  • Export tax return figures as a spreadsheet.
  • Update data export/backup with newer fields.


  • Improved filtering on tenants list.
  • Better support for limited company AST generation.
  • Clearer display of required documents and utilities steps in the new tenancy checklist.


  • Improve HMO mandatory/additional licencing display on the compliance report.
  • New: re-use of a single tenant record across multiple tenancies (eg when renewing a tenancy via a new contract/tenancy).
  • Support direct deletion of individual rental units.
  • UI improvement simplifying the tenant portal page layout for tenants.
  • New: custom branding for the tenant portal.
  • Fix: potential issue with dates when adding an expense.
  • New: option to split expense categories on the profit and loss report.
  • New: estimated rental value, and link to Prospector comparables, in the "Local" tab.
  • New: market rents and missing income report.
  • New: custom branding support in emails sent to tenants.


  • Fix: add some missing pages/actions to the global search.
  • Fix: missing thumbnail images when viewing tasks.
  • Update subscription payment integration (Stripe), ready to support Direct Debits.
  • Fix: incorrect access restriction on iCal sharing setup.
  • Fix: prevent "completed" e-signature document status from being overwritten by further opens.
  • Fix: e-signature processes for properties with multiple landlords.


  • UI update: improved tenant issue (task) reporting in the tenant portal.
  • UI update: improved visibility of past reported issues in the tenant portal.
  • Support adding attachments (including photos) to issues via the tenant portal.
  • Improved tenant/landlord ticket emails - now similar to tenant messaging emails.
  • Allow manual editing of Open Banking account labels.
  • Support AST generation for tenancies that start with a rent-day adjustment period.
  • UI update: improve distinction between Property Manager and Property Prospector on the subscription page.
  • Support Metro Bank via CSV upload, because they don't support Open Banking properly.
  • UI update: only show current/recent tenants when creating tasks.
  • New compliance report.
  • Support connecting a supplier to a specific role at a property (eg cleaner or management company), to provide quick access from the property overview.
  • Provide specific repeating expense slots for service charges and ground rent per property.
  • New "block" property support - to group other properties, represent freeholds, and provide a place for expenses and other details that span rental properties.
  • Support annually repeating expenses.
  • UI update: new page for quick access to all messages, across all tenants/tenancies.


  • Support fire alarm, emergency lighting and selective licence and specific certificate/licence document types.
  • Include council HMO licencing information on the property overview.
  • Fix: ensure all tenants in an HMO receive a copy of updates safety certificates (when set).
  • UI update: new "Reports" section to hold previous portfolio overview and related report pages.
  • New Profit and Loss report.
  • UI update: improved Open Banking account list and navigation.
  • New calendar view, showing past and future rents and reminders.
  • Expose new calendar over iCal for import into cloud calendars (Google/Microsoft/etc)
  • Automatic matching of rents in Open Banking feeds - using per tenancy bank references.


  • Improve new tenancy process with guidance when no deposit scheme has been selected.
  • Support storing bank details for suppliers - for easy reference when making payments.
  • Fixes: prevent issues around the editing of tenancy start dates.
  • Improve agent fee invoice creation.
  • Improve prompts and information around rent changes.


  • Improve introduction and onboarding emails.
  • Support landlord fund transactions from Open Banking feeds.
  • Support creation of landlord invoices for agency fees.
  • Improve rent record spreadsheet download (better property/tenancy details).
  • Show preview for council tax and utility emails before sending.
  • Include landlord (or agent) details in all council tax and utility emails.
  • BCC the sending user on council tax and utility emails.
  • Set the reply address on council tax and utility emails to the sending user.
  • Improve the permission denied error message for users with access to multiple accounts.
  • Fix: warn when trying to create a multi-unit tenancy with no units defined.
  • Support moving the rent-day (eg changing the day of the month), for existing and new tenancies.
  • Improve product information on the subscription page.


  • Improve data fields for limited company landlords.
  • Don't show personal tax information for limited companies.
  • Fix links in the plain text version of some emails.
  • Support landlord funds - holding a balance, recharging expenses, monthly statements.


  • Large UI code refactor (you should not see any changes!).
  • Fix SMS alerts.
  • Support "splitting" of an Open Banking transaction to support single payments that cover multiple expenses and/or rent.
  • New tenant communications page - showing full history.
  • New tenant messaging support in the tenant portal (recorded in PaTMa and sent by email).
  • Updated all graphs for improved visuals and options.
  • Move MTD pages to be in tabs alongside the existing tax pages.
  • Improve SMS alert text.


  • New tenancy actions (process/checklists):
    • Property inspection.
    • Rent review.
    • Tenancy end.
  • Consolidated tenancy actions UI for above, new tenancy and tenant changes.
  • Warn before re-sending a previously sent e-signature request.
  • Add e-signature history page.
  • Add ability to cancel an existing e-signature request.
  • Notify account admins if an e-signature request email bounces.
  • Better page titles for improved labels in browser tabs.
  • Improve repeated expense entry UI.
  • Improve Open Banking expense creation UI.
  • Fix login issues for users with mixed case email addresses.
  • Support specific storage type for HMO licences.


  • Update AST templates.
  • Improve utility tracking in HMOs.
  • Fix recording of contract sending on the new tenancy process.
  • Fix when calculating future rents on tenancies with rent changes and an end date set.
  • Improve tenancy creation UI for HMOs.
  • Improve checklist UI.
  • Improve unit/room creation UI for HMOs.
  • Fix for tenancy visibility when a property changes between single let and HMO.
  • Fix new tenancy process - don't prompt for impossible actions (when data is missing).


  • Improve automated council tax notification emails.
  • Global search now includes data search and multi-step action selection.
  • Fix for task display without a property.
  • Improve tab navigation and use of browser back/forward buttons.
  • Fix for task display without a note.
  • Fix for missing rent schedules.
  • Improve global search navigation.
  • Fix missing save button on preferences page (oops!).
  • Lots of UI consistency fixes.
  • Add ability to mark an old mortgage as "closed".


  • Global search for quick access to common commands and pages.
  • Improve return points following many edit pages - page and scroll point.
  • UI improvement - "Save" buttons in header when editing.
  • Add automatic council tax notification email to new tenancy process.
  • Improved email control options.
  • Support automated email to utility providers within new tenancy process.
  • Support pre-existing suppliers for well known companies (eg utility suppliers).
  • Improve Open Banking transaction matching UI.
  • Offer automatic matches for Open Banking transactions against single expenses and due rents.
  • Improve profile menu.


  • Improve language on MTD pages following feedback from HMRC.
  • New portfolio spreadsheet download - ideal for mortgage applications.
  • Xero integration / synchronisation for properties, tenants and rent.


  • Advanced property key location tracking.
  • Automatically match Open Banking transactions with repeating expenses.
  • Ability to archive a rental property - archived properties are stored free of charge.
  • Fix property stats summary on landlord pages.
  • Fix bug that could allow deletion of the first rent schedule (disabling all rent).
  • Support non-recurring, fixed length rental periods - allowing "rent day" adjustments.
  • Ability to delete a tenancy directly, without contacting support.
  • Monitor the area around each of your rental properties for planning applications.
  • Approved for HMRC pilot of Making Tax Digital for Income Tax and Self Assessment.
  • Property/portfolio "optimisation" page - test remortgage scenarios on your existing portfolio.
  • Advanced multi-user permissions management.
  • Property/portfolio CGT (Capital Gains Tax) estimates.


  • Fix bug in inventory duplication process.
  • Extension of UI re-work - migrate long pages to tabbed pages.
  • Improve speed of large inventory PDFs.
  • Updated Open Banking integration support.
  • Show property summary on individual landlord pages.
  • Support tracking of expense recharging to landlords.
  • Improve rent quick-entry from Open Banking feed.
  • Display portfolio summary stats on property listing page.
  • Support "no gas supply" flag to silence gas safety warnings.
  • Add portfolio ROE display.
  • Improve stored mortgage information.
  • Support storage of more types of (safety) certificates.
  • Improve portfolio statistics layout and display.
  • Automatically send new safety certificates to existing tenants, with e-signing, when updating (or manually later).
  • Improve new tenancy checklist automation.


  • Huge UI re-work - migrate long pages to tabbed pages.
  • Much improved mobile accessibility.
  • Improve support for large inventory PDFs (with 100s of images).
  • Send a consolidated reminders email each day, rather than multiple.
  • Fix bug in date-picker for rent schedules.
  • New start / on-boarding / home / dashboard page to help you get started.
  • Improve layout of new tenancy page.


  • Making Tax Digital for Income Tax and Self Assessment in HMRC testing.
  • Improved initial rental property creation process - clearer HMO and single-let distinction.
  • Improve address auto-completion UI.
  • Fully automated full data backup/export - it's your data, you always have complete access with no lock-in.
  • Open Banking public release (from private beta) - streamline your data entry.
  • Server cluster upgrades! Faster site.
  • Add warning about new tenancy checklist completeness for non-England postcodes.


  • Fix bug in HMO, per room utility records.
  • Fix bug in "Cancel" destination when entering expenses.
  • Improvement reliability of Open Banking integration.
  • Improve the display of images attached to tasks.
  • Improve the main property detail page UI.


  • Improvements to Open Banking integration.


  • Improve generated inventory content, including a table of contents.
  • Add "check-in" step to new tenancy checklist.
  • Improve EPC expiry display.
  • Improve task display and editing.
  • Don't send emails for very overdue tasks.
  • Renewal reminder emails for EPCs.
  • Open Banking support for easy rent and expense entry.
  • Fix repeating expense date issue.


  • Migrate to privacy protecting site stats - removing Google Analytics.
  • Fix bug in landlord expense documents.
  • Add Tenant Portal - contracts, documents, rent status and ticket access.
  • Start Making Tax Digital integration work with HMRC.


  • Easier entry of property addresses with auto-completion.
  • Support automatic creation of deposit prescribed information documents.
  • New and improved site layout and menu navigation.


  • Show council contact details for all stored properties.
  • Improved repeating expenses view.
  • Fix a bug when deleting repeated expenses.
  • Fix bug in repeated expense creation when adding an expense.


  • Support moving expenses between individual properties and landlords (ie portfolio wide).
  • Improved filters for finding expenses.
  • Support repeating expenses - enter details once, just click to confirm each month.


  • Fix a bug in the tax return display.


  • More fine-grained email subscription controls.


  • Increase expense search results.
  • Fix mortgage expense quick-entry.


  • Re-work and improve the expenses interface, enabling more flexible search and export.
  • Add support for portfolio (landlord) expenses that do not need to be linked to a single property.


  • Expenses spreadsheet download improvements - include tax category and fix formatting for amount.
  • Improved tax category details for Expenses.
  • Clarify "profit" on tax reports as "cash based", add a separate number showing the "profit" that HMRC use.
  • New supplier fields: contact name, address, website.
  • New supplier categorisation options.
  • Improve supplier list filtering.


  • New property inventory template - automatically populating with data from the property utilities.


  • Fix safety certificate expiry date auto-calculation.
  • Auto-copy Date Paid (or Invoice Date) when entering an expense - often all that's wanted or to provide a starting point.

Not specific to Property Manager but this week also included a major database upgrade (which unfortunately took longer than expected).


  • Fix Task menu.


  • Advanced support for utility supplier storage.
  • Search and filter options for open and historic maintenance tasks.