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As well as a comparable pricing history browser extension, PaTMa gives you other useful tools for your property search.

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PaTMa Prospector vs PropertyBee

PaTMa is used by thousands of property investors. PaTMa Property Tools browser extension provides very similar pricing history for Rightmove listings (and other popular property portals). It’s also available for Chrome as well as Firefox browsers.

Top reasons PaTMa improves your property search

Pricing history isn’t all that the PaTMa Property Tools browser extension provides. It goes beyond what Property Bee used to include with instant buy-to-let rent guidance, ROI and yield estimates. PaTMa’s mission is to make property investing more efficient, saving you time and money with simple, streamlined processes.

Free Property Price History Browser Plugin

Quickly and easily see the pricing history for a property listing on Rightmove. Save interesting properties to your Property Prospector list to receive email alerts when the asking price changes or the property is taken off the market.

Install the PaTMA property tools directly from the Chrome or Firefox web store.

Free Buy to Let Rent Guidance

Rental estimates drawn from similar properties in the local area, taking a median rent as the basis for the estimates shown in the browser extension.

Combining this with default figures and calculations from PaTMa’s free buy-to-let profit calculator allows the inclusion of yield and return on investment figures based on the listed asking price.

Free Instant ROI and Yield Estimates

The browser extension information panel includes an instant estimate of the ROI and yield for the property as a buy- to-let investment.

The calculation is based on the rent for similar properties in the surrounding area.

Free Buy to Let Profit & Tax Calculator

Updated fo reflect new regulations and tax changes. Calculate yield, ROI, profit, required investment, stamp duty and available mortgage. Just input expected price, repair cost and monthly rent. Includes a remortgage profit calculator.

Free StreetView House Finder

Use the property tools browser extension for easy access to the PaTMa StreetView tool.

A full-window, split screen view showing Google StreetView at the top and Google Maps at the bottom. Also includes an image overlay from the property listing in the bottom left corner so you can easily pinpoint the property location.

Free Quick Local Comparisons

Get an instant idea of the price range for similar properties local to the property listing you're currently viewing.

Comparisons for both properties for sale and for rent are shown.

"Thank you very much for this powerful tool! Very helpful."

Elie Salloum

"This is a really powerful tool when searching for property for investment, thank you PaTMa team!"

Gurdeep Singh

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