Q: Does the PaTMa Browser Extension work on MacOS?

A: Yes, both Chrome and Firefox are available for MacOS and the browser extension works in both. The browser extension is not available for Safari though.

Q: Are VAT invoices available for subscription charges?

A: These are not currently available via the site but please email us and we'll happily povide them.

Q: Is data stored in PaTMa secure?

A: Yes. PaTMa servers are located in a secure UK data centre. All systems are well maintained with security patches applied promptly and we regularly perform security tests against our systems. All communications with the PaTMa systems use industry standard encryption. Further more all confidential uploaded documents are stored encrypted on disk.

Q: Is data stored in PaTMa safe?

A: Yes. We run automated nightly backups to a separate site and regularly test our disaster recover process. Please note this does not cover accidental data deletion by customers though.

Q: Can I extract my data from PaTMa?

A: Yes. We don't believe in locking you in. We can provide a full data extract as a collection of plain text files along with any uploaded documents - just email us to request it.