Become a PaTMa Affiliate and you can earn commission on new subscriptions and offer a lifetime discount to your contacts or website visitors.

Referrals are tracked either with a simple code entered by new customers during registration or using your unique link with a 90 day cookie retention.

To request your unique code, please email with details of how you expect to be promoting PaTMa.

All referral codes provide new customers with a 10% lifetime discount that will apply to any package. The discount will stay with the customer as they grow and move between the available packages.

All commission payments are made after the third monthly subscription payment (or three months from the start of the subscription for annual subscriptions).

The per customer commission payment depends on the product plan chosen by the customer. The payments may vary over time. The payment for each plan is currently as follows:

Package Commission (paid after three months for monthly plans)
Property Manager £20
Agent Manager £300
Prospector Investor £50
Prospector Pro £200
Prospector Agent £300

If you'd prefer an ongoing commission for the lifetime of each customer you introduce, please email