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PaTMa Prospector is the only deal analyser, tracker and prospect organiser you'll ever need. Make smarter investment decisions.

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PaTMa Property Prospector is the essential tool to help investors find the very best new property investment opportunities.

PaTMa works by collecting, analysing and presenting complex data in a clear and simple way. It helps you be better organised, find the best investment opportunities more easily, and saves you time and money in the process.

Key features of PaTMa Property Prospector

  • Easy to use. Just add properties from property portal listings. PaTMa stores all the information on your prospects in one place. Then its powerful search and sort tools help you find those that fit your criteria.
  • Provides a wide range of financial and other invaluable information instantly. PaTMa automatically calculates figures for yield, ROI, affordability and profit. Then makes it easy to ‘slice and dice’ to get all the financial insights you need.
  • Easily compare properties back-to-back to find the best-of-the-best.
  • Location, location, location! Automatically presents you with extensive information about the location to help you spot the best places to buy.
  • Clear and simple presentation. Saves hours of manual calculations or poring over spreadsheets.

Explore PaTMa Property Prospector now and find out why it is the solution for every investor who wants to find the best property investment opportunities and make better investment decisions in less time.

Here’s more information on what PaTMa Property Prospector can do for you:

Calculate Buy To Let Financials Instantly

Free: unlimited
Pro: unlimited

PaTMa instantly shows essential financial forecasts such as cost, yield, purchase price-v-yield, profit and ROI – all customisable to suit your individual situation.

Find out more about buy-to-let financials here.

ROI and profit calculations screenshot

Automatic Affordability Checks

Free: unlimited
Pro: unlimited

Just enter basic details like your cash deposit and available mortgage. PaTMa will show if your prospect passes buy to let affordability criteria or not.

Find out more about the affordability tool here.

Un-affordable scenarios screenshot

See The Impact Of Section 24

Free: unlimited
Pro: unlimited

PaTMa automatically calculates how Section 24 affects the profitability of each property. It reveals which prospects will work for you depending on your circumstances.

Find out more about Section 24 forecasts here.

Section 24 calculations screenshot

Analyse Buy To Sell Opportunities

Pro: unlimited

Not every investment opportunity is a buy to let, so we provide financial calculations for flipping or buy to sell opportunities too.

Find out more about PaTMa's buy to sell data here.

Buy-to-sell calculations screenshot

Investor Enhanced Property Searching

Free: unlimited
Pro: unlimited

The powerful listing search tool makes it easy to find properties that suit your exact requirements by area, type, price range and more – saving hours and hours of your time. It reveals price history and price changes, and can even send you price alerts to help you spot those bargains.

Find out more about the listing search tool here.

Property listings search screenshot

Contrast And Compare Easily

Free: unlimited
Pro: unlimited

Instantly see back-to-back financial comparisons for every prospect, making it easy to spot where the numbers stack up (or don't) and find the best opportunities.

Find out more about comparing properties here.

Prospect comparison screenshot

Powerful Local Property Insights

Free: basic
Pro: enhanced

For every prospect PaTMa provides you with extensive local information on prices, schools, transport, crime and environmental issues, helping you find the best places to invest.

Find out more about local insights here.

Local school list screenshot

Putting You In The Picture On Planning

Pro: unlimited

PaTMa automatically presents information on local authority planning applications, so you can instantly see what’s being planned. No need to go hunting this important information down.

Find out more about the planning applications explorer here.

Planning explorer screenshot

Make Licensing Less Of A Headache

Free: basic
Pro: enhanced

See what landlord, additional, selective or HMO licence regimes might apply to your selected properties alongside licensing costs. Simplify the complication that licensing can be, and avoid licensing pitfalls.

Find out more about the licensing information feature here.

Local licensing data screenshot

Comprehensive Downloadable Reports

Pro: unlimited

For every prospect you can download a report including costings, financial calculations, local information, images and more for your use or to share. See all the essential information about a property all in one place.

Find out more about downloadable reports here.

Sample PDF report screenshot

Add Notes And Share

Free: notes
Pro: attachments, sharing

For every prospect you can add your own notes and comments about it, and share if you wish. Saves paper, saves time and helps you be more efficient.

Find out more about adding property notes here.

Prospect sharing screenshot

Track Everything Easily

Pro: unlimited

PaTMa incorporates a powerful prospecting calendar and deal tracker. You can see your actions relating to contacts, appointments, viewings and offers at any point in time. PaTMa can also send you reminders if you need them.

Find out more about how the Prospector actions tool can benefit you here.

Prospect CRM calendar screenshot