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Property Manager

Easy Property Management

Everything you need to make your property management life easy.

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Property Prospector

Easy Property Deal Finding

The fastest way to find and analyse your next property deal.

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Are you struggling with compliance?
"The ability to connect tenants and suppliers has been a major easing in my lfe"
Trish P.
"After reviewing all property software PaTMa is my GO TO!"
Nick B.

We're here to make property management easy.

  • Red, amber, green compliance report
  • Easily manage maintenance
  • Simple tenancy checklists
  • Instant tax return (inc. MTD)
  • Financial performance reports
  • Record rent
  • Store documents
  • Expenses and mortgage payments
  • Multiple users
Property insights
Looking for motivated seller property deals?
"I've used PaTMa for many months, and it's very good. It makes it very easy to research potential property investments. When there's a lot on the market, it can be a time consuming process and it really helps to identify when to deep dive. Invaluable tool."
Alix B.
"Thinking of starting my buy to let property portfolio and this tool has been so far really useful! Highly recommend!"
AdriĆ  T.

The fastest way to find and analyse your next property investment.

  • Price History
  • ROI and Profit
  • Quick Local Comparisons
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Compare prospects
  • Price vs Yield/ROI
  • Affordability Calculations
  • Take notes and share
  • Tax estimates
  • Local Investigation
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