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Easily track your properties, tenancies, tenants, repairs, rent, mortgage payments, safety certificates and more. From one property to large portfolios.

Letting Agents

Record everything you, your landlords and tenants need. Unlimited user accounts for all your staff to access details in-office and on the go.

Buy-to-let Investors

Set your criteria (available cash, mortgage rate, LTV, rental cover) and automatically calculate revenue/profit/yield forecasts for each property you're considering.

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Feature Summary

Store documents

Upload and permanently store all documents relating to each property. Tenancies, inventories, photos, safety certificates and more.

Track tenancies

Record tenant names and contact information for easy access, start dates, rent changes and all related documents.

Safety certificates

Always remember safety certificate renewals in plenty of time with automatic email (and optionally SMS) reminders. Upload and store certificate copies for easy access and a full history.

Record rent

Receive reminders when rent is due, easily record when it's received and see exactly what is due or overdue at any time.

Expenses and mortgage payments

Record all your repeating and one-time expenses, including mortgage payments and repairs.

View profit and loss

View current status, historical graphs and profit reports for each property or your entire portfolio; complete with annual tax return figures.

Multiple users

Provide access for your accountant or assistant (with appropriate Landlord packages) or access for all staff (Letting Agent packages).

Track maintenance

Open a ticket for any maintenance issue and track it's progress with tenant updates, as work progresses and through to the final bill.

Compare prospects

Quickly store every property you're considering for investment and instantly see financial forecasts for each, complete with easy comparisons and sorting on key metrics.

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