Property Management Software for Busy Landlords

Staying on top of your property portfolio is easier than you think.

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PaTMa Property Management Software is designed with one main aim - to make life easy for landlords, letting agents and property managers.

PaTMa offer a range of powerful features and works by integrating everything into one smart package. It saves you time and hassle and helps to maximise the returns from your portfolio.

Key features of PaTMa Property Manager Software

  • Easy to use, no technical skills needed.
  • Enter each piece of information only once, avoids duplicating work.
  • Helps to automate the property management process.
  • Stores and exchanges documents digitally, eliminates paper.
  • Follows best practice legal and security procedures.
  • Provides useful and valuable management and financial information. It even provides the figures for your tax return.

Explore PaTMa now and find out why it's the solution for everyone who wants to be better organised, more efficient and make more from their property in less time.

Here's more information on what PaTMa can do for you:

Create and manage tenancies with ease

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

Whether you have one tenancy, or hundreds, PaTMa makes tracking tenancies easy by providing all the information you need all in one place.

Find out more tenancy management here.

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Manage and track rents

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

PaTMa is your ultimate online rent manager. You can see exactly what is due, what has been paid and what you are owed at any point in time.

Find out more about rent tracking here.

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Monitor and control expenses

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

PaTMa enables you to keep a close eye on the costs of running your portfolio – including mortgage costs – to keep everything under control.

Find out more about expense tracking here.

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The smart way to store property documents

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

You can store, send and work with all your important property documents easily online saving work – as well as paper.

Find out more about property document management here.

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Profit and loss at a glance

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

Your profit and loss position at any given time is presented with clarity, so it's easy to understand.

Find out more about profit and loss reports here.

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Streamline and simplify property maintenance

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

PaTMa works hard as your ‘maintenance manager’, taking away the hassle property maintenance can be.

Find out more about streamlined property maintenance here.

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Automatic reminders for the important things

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

PaTMa ensures that vital safety certificates never get overlooked.

Find out more about safety certificate reminders here.

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Calculate your tax return figures

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

Using the data you have already entered PaTMa Property Manager virtually does your landlord tax return for you, saving days and days of work.

Find out more about landlord tax returns here.

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Optimise your property portfolio

Free: 1 unit
Pro: unlimited

The important inside information you need to understand the performance of your property portfolio – and boost it – is all part of PaTMa’s smart functionality.

Find out more about portfolio insights here.

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