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PaTMa Property Manager makes property management efficient and straight forward, whether you're a self managing landlord, letting agent or professional property manager.

Property Manager Software

Keep everything you need to manage your properties easily and efficiently, all in one place. Generate standard documents, request signatures online or upload your own; all from pre-made processes that follow best practice.

Dashboard insights

Portfolio insights

Gain insights and stats about your portfolio. PaTMa will also transform the data you enter about your properties into statistics, graphs and great insights into your properties and their performance.

Track tenancies

Record tenant names and contact information for easy access, start dates, rent changes and all related documents.

Rent schedule and payments screenshot
Reminder email screenshots

Automated Reminders

Always remember safety certificate renewals in plenty of time with automatic email (and optionally SMS) reminders. Upload and store certificate copies for easy access and a full history.

Store documents

Upload and permanently store all documents relating to each property. Tenancies, inventories, photos, safety certificates and more.

Uploaded documents screenshot
Rent payments record screenshot

Record rent

Receive reminders when rent is due, easily record when it's received and see exactly what is due or overdue at any time.

Full rent history for a tenancy is available to view online or download in either Excel of CSV formats.

Expenses and mortgage payments

Record all your repeating and one-time expenses, including mortgage payments and repairs.

Expenses list screenshot
Profit summary screenshot

View profit and loss

View current status, historical graphs and profit reports for each property or your entire portfolio; complete with annual tax return figures.

Track maintenance

Open a ticket for any maintenance issue and track it's progress with tenant updates, as work progresses and through to the final bill.

Tickets summary screenshot
Tax report screenshots

Tax return

Whatever size your property portfolio, from one to one thousand and everything in-between, PaTMa can streamline your record keeping process and automatically produce your landlord self assessment figures.

Follow our short blog series for a step-by-step guide to entering the data you need.