How to create a new HMO property

This guide provides the process for creating a new HMO property in PaTMa, along with the separate rental units / rooms and per-unit tenancies.

Create an HMO property

  • Open PaTMa:
  • Click "Property" in the main navigation
  • Click "Add property"
  • Click "Multiple units (HMO)"
  • Complete the required property details

You'll then be returned to your property list...

To add rental units

  • Click on your new property
  • Click on the "Tenancies" tab
  • Click "Add unit"
  • Enter the unit/room label
  • Click "Save"
  • Click on "Add unit" again and repeat as needed for all unit/rooms

To add each tenancy

  • From the Tenancies tab
  • Click "Add tenancy" (near the top or under a unit)
  • Complete the basic tenancy details, including selecting the relevant unit/room

Completing tenancy details

You can then click on the "eye" icon to view the tenancy. From here you can follow the checklist to enter required details (click the circles to tick off any that are already done for existing tenancies). Or you can use the various tenancy tabs to access other details directly.


You can watch the above process in two steps (the HMO property, then a new tenancy) in the following two videos.

Add an HMO property to Property Manager - video

Record a new tenancy in Property Manager - video