How To Record a Viewing

PaTMa's Property Prospect Package supports investment scenarios allows you make custom edits to your prospective propety. This feature is most useful in providing a clearer picture of any prospect changes. This guide will show you how to add custom images to the prospect that may not have been included in the original listing. This will allow you to upload and store any images and/or additional documents for this Prospect.

Get Started

  • Navigate to Prospects (located in the header).

You will be redirected to a page containing your prospect listing and at the top of the page will be the Investment Scenario / Restriction

  • Scroll until you locate Prospects and Calculations where all your prospects will be listed along a table calculating the forecasted rent, the price and stamp duty.

  • Underneath the prospect you wish to add a custom image, click View.

This will send you directly to your prospect report.

  • Scroll to the locate the second colum on the page titled Actions.

  • Click Add Viewing.

Filling In The Form


Enter the date on which this offer was presented. Use the popup calendar to select the day.

Booked With In this field enter the staff or intermediary used to process a booking.

Meeting In this field, insert the name of the person you will be formally meeting with for the viewing.

Phone Insert their mobile number in this field.


To keep record of anymore details of the offer that were not covered in the above fields, in this sections enter in text the additional information.

  • Once completed, click Save.