How To Create A Property With Multiple Landlords

PaTMa has incorporated contact lists that allow you to keep all the information relating to your landlords on hand. With a clean and simple display, their details will be presented in a column with brief contact details at the front.

Viewing and adding new landlords is made that much easier with the click of a button. PaTMa goes beyond a simple list and also allows you to record new properties with multiple landlords.

Note: Before you get started on a creating property with multiple landlords. The first step is documenting these landlords' contact information in the Landlord List. Navigate to Properties > Landlord List > Add Landlord.

Once complete you can start creating your property and allocating the household shares to each person/s.

Getting Started

  • Once logged into your Patma account, navigate to Properties .

    You will find this in the header, as shown in the image below.

  • In the upper right, click Add Properties.

  • On the page, a Form must be filled in with information of the specific property you wish to document. After setting up the relevant details, click Save.

Filling In The Form

The first time you create a property, you’ll be requested to provide the required information that will be associated with your property in future logins. This information will be utilized to manage the essential details of each property.


This name will be associated with the property's profile. This name can be later changed when making Edits at any time.


This information will specify the location of the property.

Line 1 is for the street address and under Line 2 you must enter the suite, space, apartment name/number that is outside of the physical address. However, entering this is not compulsory.

Town is for the specific subdivision of the county the house may be located within. (i.e Beckenham).

County indicated the division or city within the country the property is located in for greater clarity.

Postcode These are the brief series of letters and numbers that follow the address. It is necessary for the postcode to align with the address inserted above.
If unsure, you may use resources like the Postcode Finder to verify it.

Note: When accounting for a House of Multiple Occupation property, you will be given the option to indicate whether the property contains multiple units by marking a box underneath the postcode. You can enable email reminders to be sent when rent is overdue for this property by marking the send rent reminders box at the bottom of the form.

Key Number

This is the identification used by manufacturers to determine the cut needed for the property’s lock. The number is often printed either on the key or on a tag.

Date Purchased

In this field enter the date the property was legally purchased adding the cost under the Purchase Price.

Purchase Price

  • Enter the price which the property was purchased at in this field.

Once these fields are complete, a table presenting the landlord, per cent owned and delete as shown below.

  • Use the dropdown menu to select the landlord name, and enter the percentage of the property owned.

To delete a landlord who is not applicable to the property, mark the Delete box.

  • Upload a property image by clicking Choose File.

  • Once all the fields are completed and you have ensured all fields are accurate, click Save.