Property Inventory

One of PaTMa's Property Manger agile features is it's ability to manage any documents, agreements, certificates and inventory relating to the property. With a built-in inventory builder, PaTMa allows you to keep track of all the property's utilities, room by room, adding as many rooms as you wish, each with a label and description. In each room, you'll need to record in detail its current state (ie. recording any basic coverings like walls, ceiling and floor and condition).

The inventory builder's interface allows you to easily collapse/hide rooms for easier viewing, and as you create all your inventory items, you can specify the label, description, condition and any longer details you might want to include.

With all of your property details carefully described in your inventory, PaTMa's inventory builder will generate a document that's ready to download with all the current recorded details of the inventory in PDF format/you'll need to present a copy to your tenants.

If you subscribe to a suitable PaTMa Property Manager package you can also send the generated inventory directly to your tenants for online signing.