Safety Certificate Renewal Reminders

PaTMa's Property Manager is designed to make property management as easy as possible. With options to store documents on the cloud and have access to them at any time, it allows for efficient management with all documents compiled up where it's easy to find. More specifically, PaTMa is aware of all the recognised documents that need to be provided to tenants before they sign a new tenancy agreement and these include safety certficates. Hence, it is essential that all safety certicates are kept up to date and PaTMa enables you to set reminders anticipating its renewal date.

Note: If you have gone through the tenancy checklist, this step will be complete with the gas safety certification and an electrical safety certificate.

However, if you wish to add other certificates or start from scratch, here's a step-by-step guide on how to add a safety certificate.

With your safety certificates securely uploaded and stored you can relax. Every day PaTMa checks through your properties and will email if any have safety certificate renewals coming up soon (30 days and again 7 days warning). You just need to pick up the phone to your favourite Gas Safe engineer to book the check.

Additionally, a notification as displayed below will appear in the property list.

This way you'll have plenty of time to evaluate the impact of the mortgage reverting to a standard rate (we've got some exciting tools coming out soon to help with that). If you decide to find a new deal, you'll still be in time to get in touch with your mortgage broker.