iCal access to your Prospector actions

You can enable a private ical URL so that your Prospector actions (offers, viewings, reminders) can be imported into your main calendar (eg with Outlook or Google).

To enable this feature you must be a subscriber of Prospector Pro.

Enable and find your private ical URL via:

  • Login to PaTMa
  • Click "Profile" in the top right corner
  • Click "Preference" in the left menu
  • Click to check the "iCal Enabled" checkbox
  • Click Save
  • The page will refresh and will now include your private calendar URL
  • Click the convenience "Copy" button to copy the URL ready to paste into Outlook or Google.

You can import this into your calendar of choice:

  • A guide for Outlook - see the "Subscribe to a calendar" section.
  • For Google Calendar:
    • Enter the Settings page
    • Click "Add Calendar"
    • Click "From URL"
    • Paste your private URL from above
    • Click "Add Calendar"