Property Manager

PaTMa Property Management Software offers a range of powerful features and works by integrating everything into one smart package saving you time and reducing re-working. The system helps to maximise the returns from your portfolio with visual representations of your profits, expenses and keeping track of your tax return figures. Packed with effective features that allow you to manage tenancies, simplifies maintenance and sending you email reminders to keep you on track with everything.

Note: To view more detailed information such as setting up more than one property, HMO support and incorporating an online signature collections, you may wish to consider an Upgrade.

Key features of PaTMa Property Manager Software

  • Easy to use, no technical skills needed.
  • Enter each piece of information only once, avoids duplicating work.
  • Helps to automate the property management process.
  • Stores and exchanges documents digitally, eliminates paper.
  • Follows best practice legal and security procedures.
  • Provides useful and valuable management and financial information. It even provides the figures for your tax return.

Here's more information on what PaTMa can do for you.