How to make a backup / export

Property Manager only

The data you add to PaTMa is your data and we strongly believe that means you should always have complete access and control over that data. To support this, PaTMa provides a complete data export using as open and portable formats as we can.

This facility is available to all accounts, regardless of subscription level or status.

Start a backup / export

Because backups can contain so much data they are generate offline. Follow the process below to start a backup and PaTMa will send you an email when it's ready to be downloaded (normally within a few hours).

  • Enter your profile page (top right menu, then "Profile")
  • Click "Backup" from the left menu
  • Read the backup information and click "Start new backup"
  • Wait for PaTMa to generate your backup file and send you an email
  • Return to the above backup page
  • View the notice for the generated backup and click the provided "download" link
  • Save your backup file (see below for file details)

The backup file

Backup files generated by PaTMa are currently ZIP files that will contain:

  • All uploaded files (eg image and PDF), in their original format
  • All entered data, in CSV files (can be opened by Excel)