How to delete a tenancy

Make a backup

Before permanently removing data from PaTMa you may wish to take a backup.

Delete a tenancy

Please note: Once a tenancy has been deleted from PaTMa, all stored data, tenant information and documents for that tenancy can no longer be retrieved. The information will be removed from all financial records and calculations, including any relevant tax calculations. Please only continue if you are certain this is what you want.

  • From your property list...
  • Click into the property for the tenancy
  • Click the "Tenancies" tab
  • (If needed) click the "List all tenancies" button to show older tenancies
  • Click the eye icon to view the relevant (to be deleted) tenancy
  • Click the "Edit" button near the top right, next to the tenancy summary
  • Scroll to the end of the form
  • Click the "Delete" button
  • Read and complete the safety check step
  • Your tenancy and all related data we be removed