Price History Data on Rightmove Search Results

PaTMa Property Tools browser extension version 2.1 was recently released. This new version shows the price history for each property in Rightmove search results.

It's always been the case that Property Tools browser extension has provided access to the pricing history for property listings on popular portal sites. However until this release, these details were only available when viewing each individual property. Now a summary of the pricing history for the property is displayed directly in Rightmove search results.

Quicker price history

With the PaTMa Property Tools Browser extension installed, every search you run on Rightmove will now include an instant display of the property's pricing history. Here's an example of how it looks...

Screenshot of Rightmove search with price history

Added buy-to-let estimates

The price history information is always provided free of charge, simply by installing the browser extension. If you also create a free PaTMa account and keep yourself logged in, the browser extension will show you extra buy-to-let estimates for every property on a Rightmove search results page.

You can see examples of these buy-to-let estimates in the screenshots above. They show an estimated rent and the corresponding ROI and yield based on the advertised purchase price of the property.

You can find details on installing the free PaTMa Property Tools browser extension here. The browser extension is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Efficient property investing

Property Prospector from PaTMa is designed to continue on from the free browser extension, helping you organise, track and compare your potential property investments.

PaTMa's mission is to make property investing more efficient, saving you time and money with simple, streamlined processes.