The 11 Best Property Podcasts of 2020

This is my third year publishing a list of excellent property podcasts that I can recommend to everyone in the property world. Whether you're just curious, a regular investor or experienced developer, there'll be something on this list for you.

Since last year I've pruned a few podcasts that seem to have faded, or at least stopped publishing regularly, but I'm excited to say there are just as many new entrants to replace them, with some amazing new content.

The list covers a range of podcast styles and topics, from heavily educational to mostly just for fun! Whether you're looking for a cross-section or something more focused, you'll find something on this list. Strategies covered include vanilla buy-to-let, HMO, students, serviced accommodation and development. Property investment being a business is a common theme across several podcasts and there's even one focused on the business of estate agency as well.

Property Hub Podcast

One of the oldest and best known property podcasts. The two Rob's are still going strong and producing great educational content every week. They've even starting publishing regular video content as well now.

The Business of Property

A fairly new entrant to the property podcasting scene, the two hosts cover a range of property topics. The underlying theme follows Stuart and Simon's own property journey's. Along the way they chat about all sorts, from property terms to time management.

Property Jam

Another newish entrant to this list; Jo, Matt and Niall focus on the human side of property with fun weekly chats - any education being purely accidental!

Inside Property Investing

Focusing on interviews, but with a few other bits including Mike's personal journey, this is another long running and highly recommended property podcast.

The Property Voice

With a huge variety of topics covered across 100s of episodes, Richard has been providing podcast based property education for years. This is another podcast that includes a healthy quota of business content around the property chatter.

Serviced Accommodation Secrets

A great practical guide to the every day running of a serviced accommodation business. Covering everything from getting started to tips for better processes to keep an SA business on top form.

PropertyCEO Podcast

Not a constant podcast like the others, this one has definite seasons, but don't let that put you off. With a fun and relaxed vibe the content is focused around property development.

EG Property Podcasts

All sorts of property industry topics appear in this great and varied podcast. The publishing frequency is high though with multiple episodes a week so possibly not one for those short of listening time!

Executive Juice

Not strictly speaking a property podcast but the recent (and ongoing) series on property has some excellent interviews with a lot of great information for anyone interested in property investment.

The Estate Agents Podcast

If your chosen property business is an estate agency business then this is the podcast for you. Covering all sorts from industry updates to practical business tips for improving your agency.

Propertyshe Podcast

A wide range of interviews with industry experts, mostly from bigger property businesses. This is a great podcast window into the bigger side of the property business world.

Whatever your property investment preferences are, I'm sure you can find some brilliant podcasts in the list above. Should you have a favourite that's not featured though, please do get in touch.