New, simpler PaTMa products and prices

This week, PaTMa has completely reworked and simplified it's product offerings and pricing plans. This opens up complete property management software to smaller landlords at a sensible price.

The extensive free plan for PaTMa's Property Manager still exists, and is a great option for landlords with just one single-let property. You can get organised and keep all your documents and finances together. The time saving power of pre-set processes that follow the industry best practices is also included.

Changes summary

So what's actually changed? Here's a quick summary of what has and what hasn't:

  • Property Manager is still free for one single-let property.
  • Property Manager Pro is available from a single unit at just £3/unit/month.
  • Property Tools Browser Extension is still free and now includes monitoring of unlimited properties.
  • Property Prospector Pro is only £97/year (with an introductory sale of £57/year).
  • Property Prospector Pro now includes all the great features that were previously reserved for higher packages.

Keep reading for a bit more detail on what these changes mean and why we've made them.

Lower cost for smaller landlords

Stepping up from the free plan, to add e-signatures and more extensive automation features, is now accessible for smaller landlords. Rather than forcing you to purchase a minimum of five units, you can subscribe to just a single unit for only £3/unit/month.

By providing a cheaper option for smaller landlords, we hope to make it an even easier decision for you to start saving time with your property management, while also helping you to follow best practices to stay fully compliant with all required property rental regulations.

Simpler deal tracking and analysis

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten those of you who are still searching for new property investment deals. Whether you're looking for your first buy-to-let property, the ultimate HMO or a development project to flip, we've got you covered with our new Property Prospector Pro package.

Our amazing browser extension is still completely free and provides price history information for the popular property portals, along with instant buy-to-let estimates. Now added to this free package is the ability to save and monitor as many potential investment properties as you wish. Simply click to "save as a prospect" from the browser extension (or add them manually from the PaTMa site) and we'll keep an eye on them for you; sending a quick email whenever the portal listing changes.

Affordable property data and downloadable reports

Searching for the perfect property deal is often something that you do for a short period at a time, until you've found that ideal property. Between those times it's rarely something that you switch off entirely though - if a great deal comes along, you still need to be able to track and analyse it before someone else beats you to it.

That's why we've switched PaTMa Property Prospector to an annual-only product, so you don't need to worry about stopping and starting it again with each investment cycle, or when a potential property deal presents itself unexpectedly.

Not only have we made Property Prospector Pro better fit the way you work, we've also made it cheaper for you. You can now get support for tracking multiple investment scenarios, downloadable and customised reports for just £97 per year.

Even better!

To celebrate the new pricing plans, we're going one better and have an introductory sale price for Property Prospector Pro. This won't last long, so subscribe now to lock in the lower annual price of just £57/year.

Efficient property management

PaTMa's mission is to make property management more efficient; saving you time and money with simple, streamlined processes.