Walking Routes to Local Stations

When investigating potential investment properties, knowing the local train station is 0.9 miles away, as the crow flies, is certainly useful. But how long will it actually take to walk there?

PaTMa property prospector now shows the route to the four closest stations. These directions will be based on walking if the station is close enough (about 30 minutes walking). Otherwise driving directions, and duration, will be shown.

Standard station distances

PaTMa also shows the standard, straight line, distance information for nearby train stations. A map showing these stations is also shown along with the distances.

Screenshot of train station distances and map

Walking routes to stations

However with PaTMa you also get detailed route information, showing the actual walking distance and time. Of course along with the route plotted on a map.

Screenshot of walking route to local train station

This example shows that a 1.4km straight line distance has become a 1.8km walk.

Driving routes for more distant stations

When the travel route would take too long to walk (more than about 30-40 minutes) PaTMa will show a driving route instead. Again a map is included along with the travel distance and duration.

Screenshot of driving route to local train station

For every prospect

Every property investment prospect that you save to PaTMa will be shown with custom station travel routes, distances and times. These are shown in the detailed information in the web based prospect report and also within the downloadable PDF report.

Efficient property investing

Property Prospector from PaTMa is designed to continue on from the free browser extension, helping you organise, track and compare your potential property investments.

PaTMa's mission is to make property investing more efficient, saving you time and money with simple, streamlined processes.