Feature Focus: Rent Adjustments

There are lots of situations in a tenancy where you might need to make a one off adjustment to the rent owed.

Situations where you might need to make an adjustment could include:

  • Charging for a change or improvement requested by the tenant
  • Recouping the cost of a repair identified and agreed during an inspection
  • Providing a discount or one off rent reduction

Multiple Rent Adjustments

These are easy to record in PaTMa. From the tenancy screen scroll down to "Rent adjustments" and click "Add Rent Adjustment":

Screenshot of rent adjustment list

Enter a new Rent Adjustment

Enter the date the adjustment applies along with the amount of the rent adjustment needed. Enter a positive number to charge the tenant extra or a negative number to provide a discount to the tenant.

Screenshot of adding a rent adjustment

You can also enter a short description to help you remember why the adjustment was made. If the adjustment was to reimburse you for an expense you can also note the relevant expense to help keep your records clear in the future.

All rent adjustments are automatically included in the tenancy's rent record. The amount of rent due will also reflect the change. If you're using the PaTMa tax calculation features, those figures will also allow for the adjustment.

Easier property management

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