Major Browser Extension Upgrade

The PaTMa Property Tools browser extension has been providing property price histories for a long time. Now the latest release makes the price histories even easier to access.

Rightmove Price History

On Rightmove the price history for a property is now so easy to access that you don't need to do anything more than browse a property listing!

Screenshot of Rightmove browser plugin

Having the price history available for a property listing can reveal all sorts of interesting information. Take a look at the example below and see what you think it reveals.

Screenshot of browser plugin price history from Rightmove

From a rather optimistic initial listing price, it was dropped before being "sold". Unfortunately after a few months that sale fell through and the property returned to the market, fairly swiftly followed by another reduction in the asking price. Would knowing this history help you select and approach your next property investment?

ROI and Yield Embedded on Rightmove

When you're logged into PaTMa, the new panel will also show you a set of extra details. The details include and instant estimated ROI, yield and rent. All these details are based on the type of property you're viewing and it's location.

Screenshot of ROI embedded on Rightmove

Instant Comparables

The estimated rent is based on the median of what's currently on the market in the local area. These aren't always a perfect comparison but the range of rents found are also listed so you can apply your own view on them.

Screenshot of comparables summary on Rightmove


You can find more about the property browser extension here. Installation is completely free and direct from the trusted Chrome or Firefox stores. To access all of the great information you'll need to create a free PaTMa account but even without registering you'll still have instant access to the price history for property listings.

Screenshot of browser plugin price history detail

Efficient Property Investment

PaTMa's mission is to make your investment property search more efficient, saving you time and money with simple, streamlined tools.

Create a free PaTMa account to start saving time tracking your property investment prospects.