PaTMa Sponsors Technology Event: Red Sprite

I'm excited to say that PaTMa is sponsoring and promoting the September Red Sprite event.

Red Sprite is a free monthly technology meetup held in Redhill. The evening events have been running since March 2019 and explore a wide range of technology topics. Attendees get the chance to learn, discuss, and try out new areas of science, technology and mathematics each month.

Red Sprite is open to everyone from college students to hobbyists and professionals. Just visit the Red Sprite Meetup page and RSVP for the next event.

The Red Sprite event on the 17th September will have a Machine Learning (a branch of Artificial Intelligence) theme with an introductory presentation followed by a group discussion. Future Red Sprite events are set to explore Machine Learning in greater depth and will include the chance to start experimenting with this exciting technology.

Each Red Sprite event starts with relaxed chat over free pizza, this month provided by PaTMa.

PaTMa is a technology focused business with an emphasis on using that technology to save time and improve the lives of our customers. We do this through careful streamlining and automation of common property management processes.