Data gathered through Property Prospector informs Pineapple Group's proposals to Property Investors

Stuart French and Greg Railton are partners in the Pineapple Group, a property investment company.

They specialise in sourcing buy to let investment properties that return a high yield for their clients.

Searching for the perfect investment property can be a laborious and time-consuming task.

Working with Property Prospector

Much research goes into finding the right property investment.

Stuart and Greg have to collect and analyse a lot of data before making a property proposal to their investors.

Prior to using Property Prospector, desk research was carried out and data manually captured, so that calculations could be made to decide the viability of the buy to let opportunities.

Greg said, "We trialled a few applications to help us be more efficient at searching for potential properties, but it was the PaTMa Property Prospector, which works perfectly with Rightmove, that gave us exactly what we needed.

Property Prospector has significantly speeded up our research process."

Whilst searching on Rightmove, price history, estimated rent, yield and ROI are right in front of you and nicely presented.

One click drills down to show how the figures have been calculated, which is an important sanity check.

Stuart said, "Because we can see this data on the fly whilst searching, it saves us a huge amount of time.

I particularly like the heat map, which shows all the properties in the area, but when you zoom in it shows the yield brackets, such as 0 – 3%, 3%-5%. This allows us to identify properties closer to 10% yield which are the most attractive for our clients. To have this level of data at our fingertips frees up hours."

Extra information also displayed as you search, such as if a property has returned to the market after several months is significant too and especially handy for when Stuart or Greg enter the negotiation stage.

Working with Simon Pither, founder of PaTMa

Stuart and Greg have worked hard to earn their good reputation within the property market and their clients trust them implicitly.

Trust is an important factor for them, which is why they continue to use Property Prospector and work with Simon Pither.

"We are very impressed by how responsive Simon is.

We sometimes ask some unusual questions, but he listens to our suggestions and is always improving the solution.

This relationship has further underpinned our trust in the data we gain from Property Prospector, which we rely on. It also gives us peace of mind that a solution we constantly use to help our business grow, continues to be improved for the benefit of us and all the PaTMa product users.

We have no hesitation in recommending Property Prospector to our peers."

You can create a free account and start using Property Prospector now.