Property Podcasts in 2019

An updated property podcasts list is available for 2020.

Last year I put together a list of brilliant property podcasts that I listened to, and back then there were only three. Less than a year later and my list has grown a little.

All these property podcasts provide an element of learning, providing value for listeners in every episode. They also come with selection of personalities and styles. I'm sure some people wont appreciate them all but I think they're all worth trying at least.

Property Hub Podcast

Hosted by the two Rob's, I think this has to be best known and oldest property podcast around. They've now published over 300 episodes and are still going strong, complete with a branding update for 2019. The episodes are packed full of property insights, expertise and entertainment.

Inside Property Investing

This is another property podcast that's been going for multiple years (although only slightly longer than the next one). The host is Mike Stenhouse and most episodes are in the form of an interview, although that isn't always the case. Guests range from industry experts sharing in-depth knowledge to property investors with great stories, personal experiences and lessons.

The Property Voice

This is the youngest of the "old three", but it's still been going for a long time! Hosted by Richard Brown, the format of this one varies a bit more than the others. Whatever the format though, the episodes provide insights into all manor of property related subjects; covering property investment strategies to technology to news and wider investment topics.

Coreco's Property Podcast

A wide selection of guests discuss all sorts of property topics including financing, estate agency and property news.

Serviced Accommodation Secrets

Specialising in serviced accommodation this is an excellent new podcast discussing the practical processes and useful tips for anyone working in, or thinking of starting, a serviced accommodation strategy.

PropertyCEO Podcast

A relatively new property podcast as I write this but Ian and Ritchie are keeping up the pace with weekly episodes that are entertaining and educational - picking a new topic to chat about each week.

EG Property Podcasts

This is more a collection of podcasts than a single series but it includes all sorts of interesting property and estates news and discussions. The content tends to be a more commercial property centric rather than aimed at individual landlords.

Inside Property

Another in-frequently published, but seemingly still alive, podcast. Providing discussions on a range of property related topics.

Hamilton Fraser, landlords, lettings and deposits podcast

This is also updated quite infrequently and again covers conversations on a range of different property topics.