Free Property Management Software for Landlords

After a year with no free plan, PaTMa has returned to offering free use of basic features for the smallest landlords.

Landlords with only a single unit being let can now take advantage of all PaTMa's basic automation and time saving facilities. With built in processes to help keep landlords legal and up to date with their responsibilities.

For example, when starting a new tenancy the PaTMa checklist will guide a landlord through the legal requirements and good practice to improve life for the landlord and tenants.

A landlord with only a single let property, most likely a home with a single tenancy agreement, but potentially other let property such as a garage, could use the PaTMa property management software completely free of charge.

Great Features

Using the PaTMa free plan provides extensive software tools for managing every aspect of your property. Here's a quick rundown of some of the great features included for free:

  • Unlimited secure document storage (upload your invoices, receipts, safety certificates, tenancies and more)
  • Full financial tracking
  • End-of-year tax return figures
  • Track tenancies
  • Property performance insights
  • Safety certificate renewal reminders
  • Track rent and expenses
  • Inventory builder
  • Process guides and checklists

Support Included

If you ever get stuck, don't worry, email based support is included. There are also lots of online resources to help you out with common queries.

The Best Thing

The best thing about being free is that you don't need to take my word for what's available. You can create an account now and try it yourself with no cost. Please remember to let us know what you think, good or bad (we'll keep making it better).