Property Podcasts

See Property Podcasts in 2019 for an updated list of great property related podcasts.

There's always more to learn in the field of property investment. Thankfully there are some amazing resources available for free online. This post is focussed on the podcasting subset of those resources.

There's some fantastic knowledge and experience being shared on a weekly basis and published completely for free. As podcasts are just audio they're fantastic for learning while you're also doing something else. Perhaps on your commute, while running or doing a few household chores. A brilliant way to double the value of your time.

So let's get started with our list of recommended property podcasts...

The Property Hub Podcast

Hosted by the two Rob's, I think this has to be best known and oldest property podcast around. At the time of writing they've published 268 episodes of their main podcast and a further 135 of their Ask Rob and Rob series. That's an incredible 403 podcast episodes available for free and packed full of property insights, expertise and entertainment.

Inside Property Investing

This is another property podcast that's been going for multiple years (although only slightly longer than the next one). The host is Mike Stenhouse and most episodes are in the form of an interview, although that isn't always the case. Guests range from industry experts sharing in-depth knowledge to property investors with great stories, personal experiences and lessons.

The Property Voice

This is the youngest of our three, but it's still been going for over three years. Hosted by Richard Brown, the format of this one varies a bit more than the others. Whatever the format though, the episodes provide insights into all manor of property related subjects; covering property investment strategies to technology to news and wider investment topics.