Recent Changes - March 2018

Every week PaTMa is getting better at saving time and helping to organise property people, whether looking for your next investment or managing your existing ones. This post runs through a few of the recent improvements.

Browser Extension

We officially launched our Property Tools browser extension that saves you time while browsing Rightmove and Zoopla. It provides price history, a summary of local comparison properties for sale and rent, and a quick link for adding that property to your prospects list.

Prospector - Local Schools

Local schools are now listed for each of your prospects, including their last Ofsted rating and a link to the schools website (where it's available).

Prospector - Local Train Stations

Train stations are often critical when choosing where to live and hence also where to invest. So  along with the straight line distance to each they're also shown on your prospect detail pages. This doesn't include tube stations yet but they'll be coming soon.

Manager - Improved Rent Schedules

More flexible rent schedules are now much easier to manage. The system allows you to more easily insert past changes, edit, delete and move them around. All while correctly keeping track of the rent owed to you across these changes.

Manager - Better HMO Support

HMO and multi-unit support is now better, providing specific spaces to record each unit. These can then be matched up with a tenancy and will feature in your portfolio statistics; making your figures more accurate than ever before.

Manager - Property Documents

Upload and store documents per property to help with your organisation. This is in addition to the specific uploads for tenancy documents (eg contracts and inventories), EPCs, expenses and safety certificates. You could use this upload space for appliance manuals, land registry or perhaps planning application documents.

Manager - Encrypted Storage

All potentially sensitive document uploads are now stored encrypted on disk. This covers tenancy documents and property documents to help ensure that your (and your tenant's) data always stays secure.

Manager - Visual Improvements

We've overhauled all of the data input and display pages within the application to ensure they're consistent and easy to read. Along with this you'll now find handy "Delete" buttons visible on many more pages to help you keep your records tidy and correct any mistakes.

The visual improvements also extend to the image gallery, available per property, with more mobile friendly navigation and clearer actions.

Other Minor Enhancements

Here's a quick list of some of the more minor enhancements we've added:

  • Cancel buttons for easier navigation away from edit pages
  • Better filenames for rent record downloads
  • Improved date entry, you can now type instead of using the picker
  • Better hover information on your dashboard occupancy graph
  • You can now upload spreadsheet files in most document storage points
  • Rightmove new-homes pages are now supported in the browser extension
  • Better detection of un-available properties

What's next?

Here's a sneak preview of some more improvements that we're currently working on:

  • Property tickets! Quick notes and tracking of tasks and communications.
  • More data for prospects.
  • Per tenant document storage.


Well done for reading this far! As a reward you can get a lifetime 10% discount on any PaTMa subscription if you sign-up before the end of June 2018 and use the discount code SPRING2018 (if you've already got an account, just email support\ and mention this article).