Improvements to our free buy-to-let profit calculator

There are two excellent improvements to our free buy-to-let profit calculator live today.

Better Results Layout

Improved buy-to-let profit calculator results previewNow with much clearer separation between the result sections. You can easily see how the figures are grouped. For example, showing the total investment required and how it's broken down into the component parts underneath.

Yellow highlighting shows which mortgage criteria is restricting the amount you can borrow. In the screenshot above, the rental cover requirement (150% at a stress rate of 5.5% in this case) is the restriction. Meaning that only 73% LTV is possible.

Calculate Minimum Investment

You can now leave the "Cash available" field empty and the calculator will work out the minimum investment required to satisfy the mortgage criteria.

Buy-to-let calculation of minimum investment

This calculation was run with no value set for "Cash available" and PaTMa has calculated the minimum investment required as £101,762.64. It also shows the factor limiting the size of the mortgage is the rental cover requirement.

If you know how much cash you have available to invest, you can still enter it before calculating. The system will check you can actually afford the purchase and highlight in red any mortgage restrictions you can't meet.

Buy-to-let calculator, too little investment

Make sure you check the figures for your next property purchase on our free buy-to-let calculator. To save your investment scenario with details of multiple properties, then easily compare them create a free account for the PaTMa prospector tool.