Early Access Accounts Are Live

All systems are operational and everyone on the early access list has been sent an invitation to dive in an start using PaTMa.

I know there are still some rough edges, that's why early users are getting all features and unlimited property storage for free (during the early access phase), as well as a support hotline straight to me.

That said though, there's already a great collection of features ready for full use. Here's a quick summary of the main ones that can actually be used by this with access today.

  • Create records for as many properties as you need.  Label each one and record basic details.
  • Photo storage and gallery for each property - keep your marketing photos handy.
  • Gas safety certificate storage - upload an image of the certificate for safe keeping and record the expiry date to get an automatic reminder email a month before you need to renew it.
  • Track tenancies and tenants for each property, including uploading a copy of the agreement.
  • Store rent schedules (and change them over time) to know when rent payments are due - you'll get an automated email if payments are more than a week late.
  • Record expenses, maintenance and mortgage payments.
  • View a snapshot graph of each properties current performance, revenue and expenses.
  • View and download (in Excel format) the full rent history for any tenancy.
  • Easily access end-of-year financial figures ready for use in your tax return.

More great features are already being worked on and will be arriving in the coming weeks and months, keep an eye on this blog to hear about them first.

Are you tired of filing paper and wrangling spreadsheets?  There will be another phase of early access accounts (update: subscriptions are now open here) provided in the very near future so join the mailing list now to be part of it.