New UI To Compare Multiple Investment Scenarios

Your property investment strategy

When you're looking for a new property investment deal do you limit yourself to just one strategy? Or would you weigh up a simple BTL against a BRRR deal if both presented themselves?

With PaTMa Prospector Pro's flexible investment scenarios you can consider any number of potential strategies and deal arrangements across the properties you're considering. Comparing them all together or intelligently grouping your deals with convenient tagging, searching and sorting. Visualising the deals you want to actively consider in either a summary list (with lots of great financial data) or across a map to quickly evaluate locations.

Improved User Interface

Going live tomorrow (13th Feb), a major update to the PaTMa Prospector interface improves access, searching and comparison between all your potential property investment deals.

The previous version only allowed viewing prospects from a single investment scenario at a time. For property sourcers, agents or very active investors this often made it difficult to find the right properties in your shortlist. Comparing financial forecasts across investment scenarios also wasn't possible.

New Prospects Search

The new, flexible search form allows you to easily see all of your prospects from a single place. Whether you're looking for properties with a certain tag, for a particular client or that you marked inactive last week; it's all available from a single search form.

PaTMa Prospector search screenshot

Updated Results List

Even more information is now packed into the results list.

PaTMa Prospector results list screenshot

Whether you want to browse your chosen property prospects in a list with financial data ready for analysis, or plotted on a map to help visualise potential locations; the new Prospector screen makes it quick and easy to access.

PaTMa Prospector results map screenshot

New Scenarios Location

PaTMa Prospector Pro has long supported multiple investment scenarios so that you can separate potential properties, perhaps between multiple sourcing clients, or just to ease consideration between your own potential investment scenarios. The different scenarios you choose can span the popular property investment strategies from basic buy-to-let to rent-to-rent, with flip and buy-refurb-refinance-rent also available.

Previously you could add and edit investment scenarios directly from the prospect listing page. To make everything clearer and easier to find, investment scenarios now have their own dedicate page that can be reached via the updated navigation menu.

PaTMa Prospector new navigation menu screenshot

You can find out more about PaTMa Property Prospector, and claim a free trial, here.