How Tenant Portal Helps You Offer Better Service, Saving Time And Money Too

Today it’s increasingly important to give good service to tenants. Good service helps you keep good tenants. There can also be legal and compliance problems if the service you provide to tenants is below par.

Providing good service can take time and money of course. It certainly does if you do it the old fashioned way, with phone calls or writing everything down on paper.

Now PaTMa’s Tenant Portal feature can make providing good service to tenants simple, quick and very cost effective.

PaTMa Tenant Portal is a complete system for managing your tenant relationships and providing great service easily as part of PaTMa Property Manager property management software.

Key benefits of Tenant Portal

  • Simple and user-friendly. Designed for both self-managing landlords and agents.

  • Operates online. No more need for written notes, letters or phone calls.

  • Integrates with all the other Property Manager functions. Information needs to be entered once only.

  • Provides a clear overview of where you are with tenant issues at any one time and all in one place. Allows you to plan your workflow and time better.

  • Keeps an accurate record of all tenant communications and actions. You can easily see all issues regarding each tenancy and communications with your tenant at any time.

  • Stores all your records and information securely online.

  • Improves tenant satisfaction with less time and work, not more.

Tenant Portal benefits tenants too!

Tenant Portal is not only good for landlords it is good for your tenants too. It makes it quick and easy for them to see, manage and deal with all aspects of their tenancy. They can see details of their tenancy at any time online. They can contact you with queries and problems through the portal. They can see active issues and be updated on progress automatically.

Tenant Portal does not involve any complex sign up or registration process nor app installation. It can easily be used by anyone from anywhere, anytime.

How PaTMa Tenant Portal works

Tenant Portal is a fully integrated part of PaTMa Property Manager.

  • Simply create a tenancy for your property in the normal way using PaTMa’s logical, step by step procedure. This automatically creates a Tenant Portal record with no extra work or effort.

Step 1. Add a tenancy in the normal way

  • Tell your tenant about your Tenant Portal and encourage them to use it. (It’s optional though, you do not have to use Tenant Portal if you prefer traditional methods of providing tenant service.)

    Tenants just need to access Tenant Portal and enter their email address. They will then be sent a validation code automatically. Once the validation code is entered Tenant Portal opens up to them.

Step 2. Tenant Portal is automatically available to your tenant

  • Tenants can then see all the relevant information and documents about their tenancy. They can see their rent, including what’s paid and anything due. They can see their tenancy contract, property manuals and safety certificates.

    With Tenant Portal you won’t need to spend time answering questions or printing and sending out paper documents needlessly.

  • Tenants can raise tickets through Tenant Portal whenever they need to contact you. They don’t need to call, email or text separately.

    Tickets are perfect for routine queries and maintenance requests. (Not recommended for emergencies however.)

  • Tickets are automatically sent to you. You can then decide whether to deal with them now, deal with them later (schedule a follow up if you wish) or forward to another party, such as the property owner (for agents) or a tradesman or contractor.

    This is just one more way in which PaTMa streamlines and simplifies maintenance. It works hard as your ‘maintenance manager’, taking away the hassle property maintenance can be.

  • You can send the tenant your response through Tenant Portal. You can automatically let them know that their issue will be dealt with, has been dealt with, and when it is resolved. (You can choose whether to share detailed information about what is being done with the tenant or not.)

    Your tenant will be able to see the status of tickets they have raised at any time. They won’t need to call, text or email separately or chase you for follow ups.

PaTMa Tenant Portal is ideal for every landlord or agent who wants to provide better service to their tenants whilst saving time, effort and money too. It’s one example of the many ways in which PaTMa property software helps you do much more in much less time.

Even better, PaTMa Tenant Portal is included at no extra cost as part of the existing PaTMa Property Manager subscription.

You can find out more about PaTMa Property Manager and take a free trial here.