Landlords, ditch the spreadsheets to be:

  • Better organised
  • Stay compliant
  • Improve revenue
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Using spreadsheets to manage your property portfolio creates more issues than it solves.

  • Spending too many hours fixing errors (assuming you notice the error in the first place)?
  • Nervous about making poor decisions, because you don’t have full view of the financial performance of your portfolio?
  • Frustrated by repeating tasks that could be automated?

The smart way is PaTMa Property Manager

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PaTMa Property Manager takes the stress out of managing your tenants and properties

Step-by-step tenancy setup

With required documents, terms, messages and contracts.

Only enter data once

Enter property details once to appear where needed throughout your Property Manager.

Automatic rent reminders

Stay up to date with all rent payments via automatic rent reminders for each tenancy.

No stress

Landlords agree...

“PaTMa Property Manger makes for a more professional relationship with my tenants.”

Stay compliant

Upload and store safety certificates

Compliance documents automatically feed your tenant setup and are available in your tenant portal, including reminders before renewal is due.

Making Tax Digital

Use all your existing property financial records to meet your MTD requirements at the click of a button

Tax returns in just 2 clicks

Save hours of calculations and gain peace of mind that figures are accurate.

Property information

"At last, I have information at my fingertips"

Maximise the returns on your property portfolio

Make informed decisions based on accurate data and financials

View your property portfolio as a whole or per property to examine key metrics and identify areas for improvement to maximise your property returns.

Avoid Standard Variable Rates for mortgages

Set reminders before fixed rates end.

Maximise returns

"PaTMa is the best software I've seen for landlords."

Set yourself up for success with PaTMa Property Manager

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PaTMa Property Manager Pro includes:

Step-by-step tenancy checklist
Built-in e-signatures (no extra cost)
Compliance reminders
Tenant communications and issue reporting
Easy inventory creation
Streamlined records with Open Banking
HMOs and single lets
Unlimited rental units (per unit charge)