Property Prospector: Profit from Buy to Sell

Not every investment opportunity is a buy to let, so we provide financial calculations for flipping or buy to sell opportunities too.

If you’re looking for buy to sell opportunities – or are simply not interested in buy to let – PaTMa goes beyond buy to let financials. It provides essential financial information to help you spot the best buy or flipping opportunities.

  • Create customisable buy to sell (or flip) scenarios to suit your requirements.
  • Provides profit calculations so you can spot the best opportunities.
  • Allows for relevant buy to sell costs including stamp duty, legal fees, financial costs including bridging loans and sales costs.
  • Clear and simple. No need to do manual calculations or create spreadsheet formulas.

PaTMa’s buy to sell data makes Property Prospector the essential tool for property investors by showing ‘where the money is’ in every prospective property.