Property Prospector: Makes Licensing Less Of A Headache

See what landlord, additional, selective or HMO licence regimes might apply to your selected properties alongside licensing costs. Simplify the complication that licensing can be, and avoid licensing pitfalls.

The need to apply for a licence has become an increasing part of the buy to let business in recent years. Extra complication is caused by the fact that licence requirements can vary not only by type of property but by country, local authority or even street by street. PaTMa simplifies everything by showing what licensing requirements might apply to every prospect in your list.

  • See what additional, selective, HMO or other licensing schemes apply based on postcode.
  • See current costs of a HMO licence.
  • Links to the relevant local authority website if you need more comprehensive information.

PaTMa’s licensing information feature means you will always be aware of any licensing implications and costs before buying a particular property. It helps you avoid potentially expensive mistakes or even avoid property with onerous or expensive licensing requirements.