Property Prospector: In The Picture On Planning

PaTMa automatically presents information on local authority planning applications, so you can instantly see what’s being planned. No need to go hunting this important information down.

Obtaining planning information from local authorities’ different and often hard-to-navigate sites can be frustrating and time consuming. But PaTMa saves time and work by gathering all this important information together for you.

  • Shows all planning applications near each prospect with date and address in a clear list.
  • Easy to filter by distance, date and status.
  • Shows whether an application is awaiting a decision, has been granted or refused.
  • Provides clear summary details of the application, with links you can quickly click through if you need more comprehensive information.

Being aware of local planning applications is an essential check to make before buying an investment property. It’s vital to know what is being planned, or has been approved, that could adversely or even positively affect it. It can even help you identify great development opportunities you might not have considered before.