Property Prospector: Impact of Section 24

PaTMa automatically calculates how Section 24 affects the profitability of each property. It reveals which prospects will work for you depending on your circumstances.

Section 24 of the Finance Act restricting mortgage interest tax relief has completely changed the buy to let environment for those investing with mortgages. As well as making some opportunities unviable for some investors it has created a complex situation where investors must carefully calculate Section 24 impacts before buying.

PaTMa solves this problem by showing the impact of Section 24 on every property you add as a prospect.

  • Impact of Section 24 automatically calculated for you.
  • Shows estimated profit after tax according to your tax bracket.
  • Shows estimated tax payable and its effect on ROI.
  • No need for manual calculations or guesswork.

PaTMa Section 24 forecasts mean you can instantly rule out properties that won’t work for you .... and focus on those which will.