Property Prospector: Automatic Affordability Calculations

Just enter basic details like your cash deposit and available mortgage. PaTMa will show if your prospect passes buy to let affordability criteria or not.

Affordability is about more than if the numbers seem to add up. Affordability means ensuring adequate rent cover for a mortgage taking into account a number of factors. PaTMa removes the risks by calculating everything for you.

  • Automatically carries out affordability checks customised to your available mortgage and cash limits. And automatically recalculates if any figures change.
  • Allows for purchase prices plus all relevant costs.
  • Shows essential data like LTV and rent cover.
  • Clearly shows affordability or otherwise using clear colour coding.
  • Saves time and avoids the need for manual calculations.

PaTMa’s affordability tool takes the legwork – and the guesswork – out of affordability by showing if every prospect passes affordability criteria.