Property Manager: Streamlined Maintenance

PaTMa works hard as your ‘maintenance manager’, taking away the hassle property maintenance can be.

Maintenance can be a headache for every landlord and property manager, but PaTMa makes it easier by providing a logical, integrated approach to both routine and emergency maintenance.

With PaTMa you can receive maintenance requests from tenants, find details for tradesmen to tackle the job, keep everybody in the loop and monitor costs.

  • Find and contact tradesmen and contractors you have used previously from your records.
  • Track progress on the maintenance job right to completion.
  • Keep everybody in the loop. Update tenants on what’s happening, again avoiding unnecessary calls.
  • Record bills and costs easily from the software.
  • See what a property is costing you in maintenance.

By saving you time and effort, and providing great service to your tenants, PaTMa Property Manager is a win-win solution for everyone involved.