Property Manager: Easy Tenancy Management

Whether you have one tenancy, or hundreds, PaTMa makes tracking tenancies easy by providing all the information you need all in one place.

Whether you have a small portfolio or an extensive one, tracking your tenancies properly is the key to managing your properties properly. That’s not only to ensure you get paid, but to ensure your tenants get great service – and to ensure you comply with all current legal requirements.

  • Create or add new tenancies online with PaTMa’s logical, step-by-step procedure.
  • Once the tenancy information is within PaTMa its smart features make it available to all the other applications automatically with no need to enter it over and over again.
  • See details about each tenancy all together and recall it instantly when you need it. For example, tenant names, addresses, contact details, tenancy start and end dates are easy to find.
  • See current rent payable, when it is due and when it has been paid.
  • All paperwork relating to the tenancy can be stored online and sent out or retrieved whenever you need it.

With PaTMa Property Manager all the information you need about a tenancy is always at your fingertips, making tracking and managing it simple. This one single feature of PaTMa can save you hours of unnecessary admin every single week.