Property Manager: Certificate reminders

Pro: unlimited
Free: 1 unit

PaTMa ensures that vital safety certificates never get overlooked.

As a landlord or property manager you have a lot to think about .... but safety certificates are one of the most important.

With PaTMa you can easily set up automated reminders for when gas safety records or other certificates need to be renewed. But not only that, you can arrange the checks and handle all the associated admin. too.

  • Opt to receive reminders by email or text, whichever suits you best.
  • Reminders sent in plenty of time to arrange renewal.
  • Get contact details for the service providers you use.
  • Store certificates online and retrieve easily when needed.
  • Provides a paper trail showing that you have followed all legal requirements.

Apart from the dangers posed to tenants the penalties for letting safety certificates lapse are high. PaTMa eliminates safety risks and helps you stay compliant too.