Property Manager: Rent Tracking and Management

PaTMa is your ultimate online rent manager. You can see exactly what is due, what has been paid and what you are owed at any point in time.

Recording and tracking rents accurately is an essential task in any property letting business. With PaTMa you can create a Rent Schedule and a Rent Record with just a few simple steps. You’ll then be provided with an accurate overview of the rent status of every property at any given time.

  • See when rents are due, and when they are paid.
  • See when rents are overdue or in arrears.
  • Receive automated reminders if required.
  • A full rent history for every tenancy is available to view online or download in either Excel or CSV formats.
  • Rent income information is automatically available to other applications. You can receive valuable information about the performance of your portfolio, or figures for your tax return, with no need to enter the information again.

Essential though accurate rent records are there’s no reason why this task should be complex or time consuming. With PaTMa Property Manager keeping your rent records complete and accurate only takes minutes per property per month.